Heavy Duty Battery Lugs



Heavy Duty Battery Lugs

These are heavy duty Tin Plated Copper Lugs. In the larger lugs the 3/8 sizes are notched for stacking.
Part NumberDescriptionPackage SizePrice
B22R8 AWG Butt Splice25$.50/Ea
B23R6 AWG Butt Splice25$1.10/Ea
B24R4 AWG Butt Splice25$1.25/Ea
B50-26R1/2 AWG Butt Splice25$2.50/Ea
B26R1/0 AWG Butt Splice25$2.75/Ea
B27R2/0 AWG Butt Splice25$3.00/Ea
B28R3/0 AWG Butt Splice25$3.80/Ea
B29R4/0 AWG Butt Splice25$4.00/Ea
B2R/58 AWG #10 Ring25$.50/Ea
B2R/68 AWG 1/4 Ring25$.50/Ea
B2R/88 AWG 5/16 Ring25$.50/Ea
B2R/108 AWG 3/8 Ring25$.50/Ea
B2R/128 AWG 3/8 Ring25$.70/Ea
B3R/56 AWG #10 Ring25$1.25/Ea
B3R/66 AWG 1/4 Ring25$1.25/Ea
B3R/86 AWG 5/16 Ring25$1.25/Ea
B3R/106 AWG 3/8 Ring25$1.25/Ea
B3R/126 AWG 3/8 Ring25$1.50/Ea
B4R/54 AWG #10 Ring25$1.90/Ea
B4R/64 AWG 1/4 Ring25$1.90/Ea
B4R/84 AWG 5/16 Ring25$1.90/Ea
B4R/10 AR4 AWG 3/8 Ring25$1.90/Ea
B4R/124 AWG 1/2 Ring25$2.40/Ea
B50-6R/61/2 AWG 1/4 Ring25$2.65/Ea
B50-6R/81/2 AWG 5/16 Ring25$2.65/Ea
B50-6R/10AR1/2 AWG 3/8 Ring25$2.65/Ea
B50-6R/121/2 AWG 1/2 Ring25$2.70/Ea
B6R/81/0 AWG 5/16 Ring25$2.75/Ea
B6R/10AR1/0 AWG 3/8 Ring25$2.75/Ea
B6R/121/0 AWG 1/2 Ring25$2.75/Ea
B7R/62/0 AWG 1/4 Ring25$3.00/Ea
B7R/82/0 AWG 5/16 Ring25$3.00/Ea
B7R/10AR2/0 AWG 3/8 Ring25$3.00/Ea
B7R/122/0 AWG 1/2 Ring25$3.00/Ea
B8R/10AR3/0 AWG 3/8 Ring25$3.80/Ea
B8R/123/0 AWG 1/2 Ring25$3.80/Ea
B9R/10AR4/0 AWG 3/8 Ring25$4.30/Ea
B9R/124/0 AWG 1/2 Ring25$4.30/Ea
B6R/10AR/ILS1/0 AWG 3/8 Inline Splice10$4.50/Ea
B7R/10AR/ILS2/0 AWG 3/8 Inline Splice10$4.75/Ea
B8R/10AR/ILS3/0 AWG 3/8 Inline Splice10$4.95/Ea
B9R/10AR/ILS3/0 AWG 3/8 Inline Splice10$5.10/Ea
SSNStainless Steel Nut25$1.70/Ea


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