Battery Lugs Copper Not Plated



Battery Lugs Copper Not Plated

These are a lighter version of the HD lugs and are not plated. They are however available plated and plated will be substituted if on is in stock and the other not.
Part NumberDescriptionPackage SizeColorPrice
810C8 AWG #10 Ring25$.55 Ea
814C8 AWG 1/4 Ring25$.55 Ea
856C8 AWG 5/16 Ring25$.55 Ea
838C8 AWG 3/8 Ring25$.55 Ea
812C8 AWG 3/8 Ring25$.55 Ea
610C6 AWG #10 Ring25$.60 Ea
614C6 AWG 1/4 Ring25$.60 Ea
656C6 AWG 5/16 Ring25$.60 Ea
638C6 AWG 3/8 Ring25$.60 Ea
612C6 AWG 3/8 Ring25$.60 Ea
414C4 AWG 1/4 Ring25$.65 Ea
456C4 AWG 5/16 Ring25$.65 Ea
438C4 AWG 3/8 Ring25$.65 Ea
412C4 AWG 1/2 Ring25$.65 Ea
214C2 AWG 1/4 Ring25$0.80 Ea
256C2 AWG 5/16 Ring25$0.80 Ea
238C2 AWG 3/8 Ring25$0.80 Ea
212C2 AWG 1/2 Ring25$0.90 Ea
114C 1 AWG 1/4 Ring25$0.90 Ea
156C1 AWG 5/16 Ring25$0.90 Ea
138C1 AWG 3/8 Ring25$0.90 Ea
112C1 AWG 1/2 Ring25$1.00 Ea
1056C1/0 AWG 5/16 Ring25$1.75 Ea
1038C1/0 AWG 3/8 Ring25$1.75 Ea
1012C1/0 AWG 1/2 Ring25$1.75 Ea
2056C2/0 AWG 5/16 Ring25$1.85 Ea
2038C2/0 AWG 3/8 Ring25$1.85 Ea
2012C2/0 AWG 1/2 Ring25$1.85 Ea
3038C3/0 AWG 3/8 Ring25$2.35 Ea
3012C3/0 AWG 1/2 Ring25$2.35 Ea
4038C4/0 AWG 3/8 Ring25$2.50 Ea
4012C4/0 AWG 1/2 Ring25$2.50 Ea


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