Dual Thin Wall Heat Shrink Tubing



Dual Thin Wall Heat Shrink Tubing

This heat shrink has a 3 to 1 shrink ratio so it will do more wire sizes than ordinary thin wall heat shrink. It also contains a sealant/glue that gives the application an air and water tight seal. It is available in many colors but we stock it in red and black in quantity. It is packaged in foot long lengths in bags of 10.
Part NumberDescriptionPackage SizeColorPrice
23621B1/8"10Black$1.00/ea foot
23621R1/8"10Red$1.00/ea foot
23622B3/16"10Black$1.00/ea foot
23622R3/16"10Red$1.00/ea foot
23627B1/4"10Black$1.20/ea foot
23627R1/4"10Red$1.20/ea foot
23637B3/8"10Black$1.40/ea foot
23637R3/8"10Red$1.40/ea foot
23642B1/2"10Black$1.70/ea foot
23642R1/2"10Red$1.70/ea foot
23647B3/4"10Black$1.95/ea foot
23647R3/4"10Red$1.95/ea foot


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