Heavy Wall Heat Shrink Tubing



Heavy Wall Heat Shrink Tubing

Heavy Wall Heat Shrink has a 3 to 1 shrink ratio and contains a sealant. This is the type most normally used on Battery Cables. It is sold in 1 foot lengths and packaged in bags of 10.
Part NumberDescriptionPackage SizeColorPrice
21112.50010Black$2.55 ea foot
21812.50010Red$2.55 ea foot
21212.75010Black$2.95 ea foot
21312.75010Red$2.95 ea foot
214121.10"10Black$3.85 ea foot
215121.10"10Red$3.85 ea foot
21812B1.50"10Black$4.95 ea foot
21812R1.50"10Red$4.95 ea foot


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