PVC Insulated Connectors


PVC Insulated Connectors

Normally used when not exposed to the elements and are the least expensive insulated connectors.
Part NumberDescriptionPackage QuantityColorPrice
P480522-18 Butt Splice100Red$6.50/Pack
P402022-18 #10 Ring100Red$6.50/Pack
P402522-18 1/4 Ring100Red$6.50/Pack
P403022-18 5/16 Ring100Red$6.50/Pack
P403522-18 3/8 Ring100Red$6.50/Pack
P411522-18 #10 Spade100Red$6.50/Pack
P512022-18 .250 Female Disconnect100Red$6.50/Pack
P521022-18 .250 Tab Disconnect100Red$6.50/Pack
P951016-14 Butt Splice100Blue$6.50/Pack
P100116-14 Quick Lok50Blue$3.70/Pack
P950016-14 Butt Splice Assortment100Red, Blue & Yellow$7.50/Pack
P902016-14 #8 Ring100Blue$6.50/Pack
P902516-14 #10 Ring100Blue$6.50/Pack
P903016-14 1/4 Ring100Blue$6.50/Pack
P903516-14 5/16 Ring100Blue$6.50/Pack
P904016-14 3/8 Ring100Blue$6.50/Pack
P912516-14 #10 Spade100Blue$6.50/Pack
P912516-14 #10 Spade100Blue$6.50/Pack
P981016-14 .187 Female Disconnect100Blue$7.50Pack
P982016-14 .250 Female Disconnect100Blue$7.50/Pack
P991016-14 .250 Tab Disconnect100Blue$7.50/Pack
P991016-14 .156 Bullet Female100Blue$8.00/Pack
P992016-14 .156 Bullet 100Blue$8.00/Pack
P3101012-10 Butt Splice100Yellow$8.75/Pack
P2301512-10 #8 Ring100Yellow$9.50/Pack
P2302012-10 #10 Ring100Yellow$9.50/Pack
P2302512-10 1/4 Ring100Yellow$9.50/Pack
P2303012-10 5/16 Ring100Yellow$9.75/Pack
P2303512-10 3/8 Ring100Yellow$10.25/Pack
P2304512-10 1/2 Ring100Yellow$13.75/Pack
P2301512-10 #10 Spade100Yellow$13.75/Pack
P3220512-10 .250 Female Disconnect100Yellow$9.50/Pack
P3221012-10 .250 Tab Disconnect100Yellow$9.50/Pack


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