Nylon Insulated Connectors


Nylon Insulated Connectors

There are many more part numbers available. If you do not see what you are looking for please give me a call.
Part NumberDescriptionPackage Size ColorPrice
A180522/18 Butt Splice100Red$8.00/Pack
A101522/18 #8 Ring100Red$9.00/Pack
A102022/18 #10 Ring100Red$9.00/Pack
A102522/18 1/4 Ring100Red$9.00/Pack
A103022/18 5/16 Ring100Red$9.00/Pack
A103522/18 5/16 Ring100Red$9.00/Pack
A111522/18 #10 Spade100Red$9.00/Pack
A212022/18 .250 Female Quick Disconnect 100Red$9.00/Pack
A221022/18 .250 Tab Quick Disconnect 100Red$9.00/Pack
A781016-14 Butt Splice100Blue$9.00/Pack
A701516-14 #8 Ring100Blue$9.00/Pack
A702016-14 #10 Ring100Blue$9.00/Pack
A702516-14 1/4 Ring100Blue$9.25/Pack
A703016-14 5/16 Ring100Blue$10.00/Pack
A703516-14 3/8 Ring100Blue$10.00/Pack
A711516-14 #10 Spade100Blue$10.00/Pack
A812016-14 .250 Female Disconnect100Blue$10.00/Pack
A813016-14 .250 Piggy Back Disconnect100Blue$27.95/Pack
A2101012-10 Butt Splice100Yellow$12.00/Pack
A1601512-10 #8 Ring100Yellow$14.00/Pack
A1602012-10 #10 Ring100Yellow$14.00/Pack
A1602512-10 1/4 Ring100Yellow$14.00/Pack
A1603012-10 5/16 Ring100Yellow$14.00/Pack
A1603512-10 3/8 Ring100Yellow$14.00/Pack
A1604512-10 1/2 Ring100Yellow$14.00/Pack
A2210512-10 Female Quick Disconnect100Yellow$14.00/Pack
A2220512-10 Tab Quick Disconnect100Yellow$14.00/Pack


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