Switches and Controls


Switches and Controls

Pollak is our primary switch manufacturer. We will be adding more part numbers to all lines as we continue to work on our site. We stock many of their part numbers. Please call me for anything you don't see here.
Part NumberDescriptionColorPackage SizePrice
51-902Master Disconnect Switch. Two Post1$30.00 ea
51-916Master Disconnect Switch Keyed1$30.00 ea
52-307Continuous Duty Solonide1$25.00 ea
34-212 EP50 AMP on off Toggle10$4.25 ea
24-360 EPMomentary Push Button w/ Weather/Dust Cap10$4.25 ea
34-218on-off-on 50 Amp 3 terminal1$5.30 ea
34-215Momentary on-off-Momentary on 50 Amp 3 blade1$6.75 ea
34-580Momentary on-off-Momentary on 50 Amp 6 blade1$6.75 ea
31-104Universal Key Switch 4 position on off start accessory1$10.95 ea
52-400Air pressure buzzer1$20.45 ea
54-851 PL80 AMP Circuit Breaker1$35.00 ea
54-852 PL150 AMP Circuit Breaker1$35.00 ea


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