Crossover Cables/Jump Straps



Crossover Cables/Jump Straps

These cables are manufactured by Southerntier and are of the best quality made.
We will make any size needed for repeat orders.
We will also cut lengths of cable from our reels as needed, just call for a quote
Part NumberDescription
Package Size Color Price Per
Part NumberDescription
Package Size Color Price Per
STR18" 1/0 Jump Strap 1/0
STR1R8" 1/0 Jump Strap 1/01Red$9.25
STR1212"1/0 Jump Strap 1Black$10.75
STR12R12" 1/0 Jump Strap
STR216" 1/0 Jump Strap1Black$11.50
STR16R16" 1/0 Jump Strap1Red$11.50
STR2020" 1/0 Jump Strap1Black$13.00
STR2727" 1/0 Jump Strap1Black$16.00
STR27R27" 1/0 Jump Strap1Red$16.00
STR3636" 1/0 Jump Strap1Black
STR4646" 1/0 Jump Strap1Black
STR1HD8" 2/0 Jump Strap1Black$10.25
STR1RHD8" 2/0 Jump Strap1Red$10.25
STR12HD12" 2/0 Jump Strap1Black$12.00
STR12RHD12" 2/0 Jump Strap1Red$12.00
STR2HD16" 2/0 Jump Strap1Black$14.00
STR16RHD16" 2/0 Jump Strap1Red$14.00
STR16B-IL16" 1/0 Inline Jump Strap1Black$21.00
STR16R-IL16" 1/0 Inline Jump Strap1Red$21.00


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