Battery/Welding Cable



Battery/Welding Cable

All cable sizes of battery and welding cable are available in various roll and reel lengths. The normal colors of black and red and other colors available in welding cable. Please call for pricing.
Part NumberDescriptionQuantityColor Price
1396100B6 AWG Battery Cable50'Black
1396100R6 AWG Battery Cable50'Red
1394100B4 AWG Battery Cable50'Black
1394100R4 AWG Battery Cable50'Red
1392100B2 AWG Battery Cable50'Black
1392100R2 AWG Battery Cable50'Red
1391100B! AWG Battery Cable50'Black
1391100R! AWG Battery Cable50'Red
1390100B!/0 AWG Battery Cable50'Black
1390100R!/0 AWG Battery Cable50'Red
1300100B2/0 AWG Battery Cable50'Black
2/0 AWG Battery Cable50'Red
3/0 AWG Battery Cable50'Black
3/0 AWG Battery Cable50'Red
4/0 AWG Battery Cable50'Black
4/0 AWG Battery Cable50'Red
1396100WB6 AWG Welding Cable50'Black
1396100WR6 AWG Welding Cable50'Red
1394100WB4 AWG Welding Cable50'Black
1394100WR4 AWG Welding Cable50'Red
1392100WB2 AWG Welding Cable50'Black
1392100WR2 AWG Welding Cable50'Red
1391100WB! AWG Welding Cable50'Black
1391100WR! AWG Welding Cable50'Red
1390100WB!/0 AWG Welding Cable50'Black
1390100WR!/0 AWG Welding Cable50'Red
1300100WB2/0 AWG Welding Cable50'Black
1300100WR2/0 AWG Welding Cable50'Red


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