Battery Terminals



Battery Terminals

These are lead plated copper battery terminals. The exception would be tin plating when the other is on back order. All are high quality from quality manufacturers.
We try to carry any part number made for the aftermarket that our suppliers mfg. While we use a package quantity on these numbers we will provide any quantity requested.
Part NumberDescriptionPackage SizeColorPrice
121224 AWG Universal Straight25 $2.75/Ea
121401/2 AWG Negative Straight25 $2.95/Ea
121411/2 AWG Positive Straight25 $2.95/Ea
121601/0 AWG Negative Straight25 $3.05/Ea
121611/0 AWG Positive Straight25 $3.05/Ea
121702/0 AWG Negative Straight25 $3.50/Ea
121712/0 AWG Positive Straight25 $3.50/Ea
121803/0 AWG Negative Straight25 $4.30/Ea
121813/0 AWG Positive Straight25 $4.30/Ea
121904/0 AWG Negative Straight25 $4.75/Ea
121914/0 AWG Positive Straight25 $4.75/Ea
124601/0 Negative Tee25 $4.50/Ea
124611/0 Positive Tee25 $4.50/Ea
124702/0 Negative Tee25 $5.50/Ea
124712/0 Positive Tee25 $5.50/Ea
124803/0 Negative Tee10 $6.75/Ea
124813/0 Positive Tee10 $6.75/Ea
124904/0 Negative Tee10 $7.95/Ea
124904/0 Positive Tee10 $7.95/Ea


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